Ethnocentrism for & against Globalization

In dictionaries “ethnocentrism” is defined as an idea or belief that one’s way of life, , and language are superior to that of others. Usually, It biases the ability to judge or assume objectively. An ethnocentric person judges everything based on his/her predefined values. 

Ethnocentrism is successfully elevated on nationwide or regional levels, due to the fact that individuals with the same value system constitute the market, country, region, or even part of the planet. Cosmopolitan cities or destinations are less ethnocentric, of course, because they have to share and respect the value systems of various ethnicities, religions, cultures, and nationalities. 

However, globalization makes cosmopolitanism more and more powerful and fast-expanding. This could be trueculture, group, culture, group,to businesses. Nowadays, businesses, products, services are mostly considered to be gone global, rather than concentrating on a certain market or region (if not considering niche products).


Thus there still are mistakes… 


In the 1970s Swedish vacuum manufacturer Electrolux successfully sold products in the UK with the slogan “Nothing Sucks Like an Electrolux”. Campaign went brilliantly in the UK as in British English the word “suck” does not mean something negative, like it happens in American English (now even in British one). Although Electrolux did not sell anything to the US market by that time, the slogan was a subject of allegations globally. 

“It is crucial for businesses entering into foreign markets to understand the language, culture and consumer attitudes. Both in business meetings, negotiations and in advertising, adopting a culturally appropriate and sensitive point of view is important for a product or service launch to succeed” – Gabriella Ferenczi, a London-based German & Hungarian language coach, marketing teacher and author notes. In scientific language this factor is called “Ethnocentrism” and every business must consider it.

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