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Globalize Dealbook

Globalize Dealbook is an English language digital platform and publication that generally contains full information about startups & exporters from Georgia revealing their potential value for investors. Dealbook also features essays, stories, articles, images, interviews, illustrations etc. Content covers stories about startup development, export market expansion, investor relations, business globalization, go-global marketing and business strategies.

The principal goal of the Globalize Dealbook is to introduce investment projects and export products of Georgian origin to a global market. Dealbook is not public and is accessible exclusively to the investors partnering Globalize.

Dealbook is published by the Globalize Consulting Team. Globalize is the Professional Community of Georgians around the world, connecting business professionals and investors from different countries, providing innovative, reliable and result-oriented consulting to Georgian exporters and startups. The Globalize management comes from 12 countries and they agree that intercultural competence is a key competitive advantage for success.

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