Constant Support for Going Global

Globalize for Exporters

Across a broad spectrum of transactions, from multi-million dollar foreign direct investments to small, focused technology plays, we help exporters understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of potential targets, providing rigorous analysis of both the overall market and competitive context as well as prospects for each specific line of business. Our wide-ranging experience, along with proprietary tools, global contacts, and databases, allows us to execute market entry and investment assignments quickly and responsively, providing clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions.
Global Strategy & Business Planning

We will provide a guide to the globalization of your business and a successful commercialization of your export product on international markets. We will develop strategies for: 

  • Export of your product to a global market 
  • Standardization of your business and adjusting to domestic markets 
  • Solutions for adaptation on new markets and constant increase of your brand 
  • Transnational development strategy with sustainability tactics
Global Market Entry / Expansion

The first step to expanding internationally is determining your ideal target market. Our team of analysts can help you understand and prioritize which locations are best for your business. We work with you to learn more about your target market, providing the research you need to expand internationally with confidence. We offer: 

  • Conduct situational analysis to measure relevancy of your product to the needs of targeted market
  • Scan market and select optimal sales channels 
  • Constitute go-to-market strategy
  • Build marketing plan
  • Develop a sales strategy  
  • Launch operations
Market Research

We will gather and organize information about your target markets and consumers through surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. We will determine: 

  • Demand on the markets and potential of export
  • Market size for your product
  • Economic indicators affecting your export channels  
  • Location best matching for your product
  • Consumer behaviour towards your product 
  • Pricing for your product against market ranges
Global Marketing / Branding / PR

​​For global expansion we offer adjustment of your marketing strategy to adapt to the conditions and environments of other countries, regions, and continents. We reconcile operation differences, similarities and opportunities so that your product reaches global objectives. For globalizing we: 

  • Scan and prepare your product to meet demands of other countries and regions 
  • Adjust your service portfolio to international and global requirements 
  • Analyze and adjust your pricing policy to a global measurements  
  • Develop ethnocentrism matrix and adjust (or rebrand) your brand to global needs 
  • Develop brand book and brand guidelines
  • Determine relevant channels for marketing communications and global public outreach 
  • Elaborate communication strategies and plans for entry and operational phases 
  • Conducting international, regional and global events for direct marketing & communications 
Customer and Partner Search

We designed this service to assist your business in searching and establishing contact with potential partners on international and global markets. We conduct overall market scan to determine relevant investors and markets through: 

  • Identifying and selecting relevant local entities
  • Defining strategy considering ethnocentrism 
  • Preparing introduction materials in the local language
  • Contacting the most suitable potential partners and verifying them  
  • Researching and collection data 
  • Completing profiles of potential partners and checking their credentials 
  • Conducting and liaising for meetups and negotiations 
  • Assisting at any level of communication with potential partner
Operations / Processes

To reach the highest level of efficiency in your export operations, we create tailored tactical programs considering the volume of the processes, variety or opportunities, variations on markets, and visibility of your business. To give you maximum we: 

  • Plan and systematize entire process with unique guides and templates 
  • Schedule and assign steps by delegating functions to human and technological resources
  • Consult and plan to make purchases needed for effective operations 
  • Control the timetable and task-performance by tracking & alerting systems 
  • Assure quality is maintained and delivered to the final consumer 
  • Provide systems, templates and forms for inventory
Risk Management
  • Identify all potential risks
  • Evaluate strategies to manage different types of export risks, including developing customized payment terms, targeting business partners only in specific locations or industries, and insuring against specific and significant risks where possible.
  • Monitor risks over time as circumstances and conditions change and adjust risk management and mitigation approaches according to new information.
  • avoid legal issues related to a number of areas of the business, including customs, contracts, currency, and the liability and intellectual property rights involved with the products they sell.
  • Measure financial and credit risks; Check customer’s past credit history or current creditworthiness
  • Quality risk – we can be an independent third party to inspect the goods before they are shipped, to make sure the quality is acceptable for both parties 
  • encounter a range of transportation and logistics risks, which can vary based on the goods being shipped and the requirements, mitigating transportation and logistics risks involves quality control and careful tracking procedures throughout the process.
  • exporters can unknowingly create tension or cause offense to customers, government officials and others important to timely product shipments and other aspects of the business. prevent language and cultural problems by having local Georgians who speak the local language or have experience living in a particular culture or region.
Media Outreach

With unique media networking and contacts in global and domestic media outlets, we make it easy to promote your business to the new markets. We will increase your public exposure to a global level through the steps as follows: 

  • Conducting situational analysis for finding the optimal paths of maximum outreach
  • Elaborating outreach and communication strategies
  • Define message box and communication samples 
  • Prepare written, digital and video materials 
  • Launch and monitor campaigns and metrics
Logistics Management

Our international  service handles each logistical aspect of your expansion with great care. We help you establish an international supply chain, finding the best methods of shipping your products overseas quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

We also identify extra tariffs and taxes that you may need to factor into your budget, and come up with a plan so that your goods are delivered to your customers on time. When you begin setting up your on-ground operations, we can even assist you in your property hunt for office or warehouse space in your chosen location. Whatever your logistical and operational needs, our experts can guide you towards a solution.


We will converge knowledge, skills, methods, tactics, systems, soft and devices for a rapid expansion of your business to a global market. Solutions will be tailored uniquely for your idea, business, or product considering as follows: 

  • Technological anchoring through proprietary technologies of Globalize and its team
  • Exclusivity in ownership of any system delivered to you and your business 
  • On demand and nonstop activation of resources or functions whenever you require 
  • Software defined functions with flexibility to serve multiple purposes and adjusted to your needs 
  • Modularity that provides standardized interfaces to run diverse processes
Export Consulting

Beyond the legal and regulatory implications of trading with various countries and regions, we assist exporters with all-inclusive operational guides of customs procedures. For the best exporting strategy we will develop tactical programs to cope with: 

  • International and domestic trade agreements, treaties, limitations and specific regulations
  • Regulatory and customs regulation and landed cost
  • Competition on the market
  • SWOT-TOWS strategies
  • Customer behavioristics on a targeted market  
  • Product demand potential and distribution implications

Why Globalize

Our team of analysts can help you understand and prioritize which locations are best for your business. We then work with you to learn more about your target market, providing the research you need to expand internationally with confidence.