Constant Support for Going Global

Globalize for Startups

Whether you are an early stage or high growth startup, an established corporation, a nonprofit organization, or a business going through M&A, our executive bench strength and global team is on standby ready to assist, 24/7.
With an experience of delivering success to global organizations in developing marketing entry strategies, we provide a range of advisory services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance.
Market Research

We will gather and organize information about your target markets and consumers through surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. We will determine:

  • Demand on the markets
  • Market size for your specific business
  • Economic indicators affecting your globalization 
  • Location best matching for your product
  • Market saturation and the power of your customer 
  • Pricing for your product against market ranges
Global Strategy & Business Planning

We will provide a guide to the globalization of your business and a successful commercialization of your product on international markets. We will develop strategies for: 

  • Expansion of your product to a global market 
  • Standardization of your business and adjusting to domestic markets 
  • Solutions for adaptation on new markets and constant increase of your brand 
  • Transnational development strategy with sustainability tactics 
  • Conducting international, regional and global events for direct marketing & communications

We will converge knowledge, skills, methods, tactics, systems, software and devices for a rapid expansion of your business to a global market. Solutions will be tailored uniquely for your idea, business, or product considering as follows: 

  • Technological anchoring through proprietary technologies of Globalize and its team
  • Exclusivity in ownership of any system delivered to you and your business 
  • On demand and nonstop activation of resources or functions whenever you require 
  • Software defined functions with flexibility to serve multiple purposes and adjusted to your needs 
  • Modularity that provides standardized interfaces to run diverse processes
Customer and Partner Search

We designed this service to assist your business in searching and establishing contact with potential partners on international and global markets. We conduct overall market scan to determine relevant investors and markets through: 

  • Identifying and selecting relevant local entities
  • Defining strategy considering ethnocentrism 
  • Preparing introduction materials in the local language
  • Contacting the most suitable potential partners and verifying them  
  • Researching and collection data 
  • Completing profiles of potential partners and checking their credentials 
  • Conducting and liaising for meetups and negotiations 
  • Assisting at any level of communication with potential partner
Support For Funding

We help startups apply for competitive innovation funding from more than 12 countries. We will help Georgian startups identify and win funding from public sector funders, international institutions, donors and foreign investors. We do it by:

  • Preparing a standardized investment project of your business
  • Start search of potential investors and/or donors through our unique database and network 
  • Promote your business and idea to global conferences for pitching and negotiations 
  • Pass all procedural barriers for both sides 
  • Assist in documenting and further steps
Media Outreach

With unique media networking and contacts in global and domestic media outlets, we make it easy to promote your business to the new markets. We will increase your public exposure to a global level through the steps as follows: 

  • Conducting situational analysis for finding the optimal paths of maximum outreach
  • Elaborating outreach and communication strategies
  • Define message box and communication samples 
  • Prepare written, digital and video materials 
  • Launch and monitor campaigns and metrics