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How does Globalize work?

In most industries today, companies have to operate internationally to stay successful and grow. The need to enter new markets, serve major customers, or reduce costs and risks are just some of the reasons why businesses decide to establish a presence overseas.

Our services encompass overall corporate and business line strategy and growth, international market expansion, customer strategy and marketing and media outreach services.

We combine these offerings with a deep understanding of how to assist leaders to develop balanced organizations that are aligned with their strategies and objectives. Still, for every client, we craft a tailored approach that is closely aligned with their most important goals and strategies.

We help exporters and startups understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of potential targets, providing rigorous analysis of both the overall market and competitive context as well as prospects for each specific line of business. Our wide-ranging experience, along with proprietary tools, global contacts, and strong community of professional Georgians overseas allows us to execute market entry and investment assignments quickly and responsively, providing clients with the insights they need to make informed investment decisions.

How Exporters benefit from partnering with the Globalize network?

Through Globalize services, exporters find new markets, new customers, new partners. Globalize delivers all-inclusive consulting and operational services to help every exporter:

  • Search new market opportunities
  • Find potential partners & marketplaces
  • Create effective go-to-market strategies
  • Overcome legal, administrative, ethnocentric, and logistical barriers 
  • Enter new markets and plan future expansion

All these are available with one team, therefore each exporter goes to a new market, saving time & resources. Exporters do not have to search target groups randomly. Globalize has already created a unique network of physical and legal entities (up to 5K professional Georgians abroad) who will share their extensive experience and lead exporters directly to potential partners.

How Startups benefit from partnering with the Globalize network?

Through Globalize services, startups find new investors and opportunities for business expansion or acceleration. Globalize delivers all-inclusive consulting and operational services to help every startup:

  • Market research
  • Global Strategy and business planning
  • Support for funding
  • Formulate legal, administrative, marketing, and operational action plans 
  • Appear on pitching, meetup, startup conferences and events

Globalize has already created a unique network of investment groups interested in investing and will lead startups directly to potential partners.

How Investors benefit from partnering with the Globalize network?

Globalize created a unique project for investors that is called Globalize Dealbook. Dealbook is an English language publication issued semi-annually. It contains full information about startups & exporters from Georgia revealing their potential value for investors. Dealbook features essays, stories, articles, images, interviews, illustrations. Each Deal is packed in a unique method giving investors highly valuable information, exposing the full potential of the proposed deal and, at the same time, saving time and costs. 

Dealbook data is not public and is available only for investors partnering with Globalize. Exclusivity is guaranteed on other occasions as well. Globalize will organize international (non-public) events gathering only target groups linked to Globalize Dealbook.

Where does Globalize operate?

We are home in many countries. For us, intercultural expertise is a key competitive advantage. Our management teams operate in 12 countries around the world. We already are active in:

USA – California, New York, Washington D.C., Massachusetts. 

Europe – France, Spain, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia

Middle East – Israel, UAE

To get in touch with us please follow the link

Who are the Globalize community members?

The Globalize community members are successful Georgians in more than 50 countries around the world. They are business people, top level executives, opinion leaders and top rated professionals and all of them are willing to invest. Globalize community also unites international investment groups, funding partners, donors, official representatives, professional associations, global agencies, and international institutions.

Joining Globalize

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How to apply, if I am a startupper?

If you already have startup and getting ready for going global, Globalize will open maximum opportunities for you by simply applying here

How to apply, if I am an exporter?

Whether you are SME or large scale exporter, stand on position that the brand must be growing permanently, and you desire to expand markets, Globalize will bring you to any desired region or country by simply applying here

How to connect, if I am an investor?

Advisory & Consulting Services formulate value for our partner investors by carefully aligning our teams, our strategic approach and our multinational networking capabilities with client’s investment objectives. 

If interested, please take a moment to fill the form

How to become a Globalize community member?

Globalize has created a unique platform of professionals and united up to 5K successful Georgians around the world. If you feel you can be a part of the unique network or recommending someone from your friends, simply apply here

How can I join Globalize international teams?

Joining or creating the Globalize international team in your city or country can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your personal and professional career. It is of course not easy, but we equip you with the tools, resources, knowledge and support network to help you build a successful local “Globalize” Chapter. 

As a Globalize country representative or team member,  you will host monthly events with successful founders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs from various  industries and run the largest entrepreneur community of Georgians in your city/country.

How can I attend Globalize events?

Go to projects page. Select the event of your interest. Follow the link on the page.  

For this period of time, you can apply to any of events as follows: 

Globalize Conference in Silicon Valley, CA, USA. 12-14 April 2022. 

Globalize Conference in Paris, France. April 2022. 

Globalize Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. December, 2022.